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April 27. 2017 - MY FRIEND DAHMER gets glowing review in Variety!

July 22, 2017 - MY FRIEND DAHMER releases first teaser, announces Fall 2017 release!

Section perspective drawing by  Atelier Bow-Wow

Section perspective drawing by Atelier Bow-Wow


Hi, my name is Giorgio Angelini and Section Perspective Films is my "boutique" film production company. Which really means it's just me running it. I am a writer, director, and producer. My background is in architecture and music. (I used to be in some bands that did some things). I see a big intersection between architecture and film-making, and the name of the company is a nod to that realization.

In architecture, we communicate ideas through drawing. In film, through a script. The most typical drawing we communicate through is typically a floor plan. It is the most literal expression of an idea. But it exists in a two-dimensional, flat plane. A section drawing operates conversely, cutting vertically through multiple layers of a building, exposing relationships between space and program that would otherwise not be evident on a plan. But it also exists with in a two-dimensional plane.

A "section perspective" expands on this flatness, revealing a design's inner-workings and bringing to life what was once flat space. Many worlds existing at once, bound together by built form.

My approach to film making borrows from this metaphor.

I began this production company when I began work on my first feature documentary film about housing culture in America (Owned, A Tale of Two Americas). Since then, I've helped to produce My Friend Dahmer, and am currently in development with three other projects. 

I'm always eager to read great scripts and collaborate with other talented filmmakers. As great architecture is only possible with the active participation of a team of talented designers, so too is film. Both are highly collaborative processes, and I'm always eager to work with other talented writers, directors, and producers. 

If you'd like to see some of my previous work in design, please visit Schaum/Shieh Architects