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April 27. 2017 - MY FRIEND DAHMER gets glowing review in Variety!

July 22, 2017 - MY FRIEND DAHMER releases first teaser, announces Fall 2017 release!

Section perspective drawing by  Atelier Bow-Wow

Section perspective drawing by Atelier Bow-Wow


Hi, my name is Giorgio Angelini and Section Perspective Films is my "boutique" film production company. Which really means it's just me running it. I am a writer, director, and producer. My background is in architecture and music. I performed for several years in a few different touring bands, including The Rosebuds and Bishop Allen. The 2008 housing crisis curiously pushed me out of the touring world and back into graduate school, where I studied architecture at Rice University. I see a big intersection between architecture and film-making, and the name of the company is a nod to that realization.

In architecture, we communicate ideas through drawing. In film, through a script. The most common drawing we communicate through is typically a floor plan. It is the most literal expression of an idea. But it exists in a two-dimensional, flat plane. Conversely, A section drawing operates by cutting vertically through multiple layers of a building, exposing relationships between space and program that would otherwise not be evident on a plan. But it too exists with in a two-dimensional plane.

A "section perspective" expands on this flatness, revealing a design's inner-workings and bringing to life what was once flat space. Many worlds existing at once, bound together by built form.

My approach to film making borrows from this metaphor.

I began this production company when I began work on my first feature documentary film about housing culture in America (Owned, A Tale of Two Americas). Since then, I've helped to produce My Friend Dahmer (2017), Shoplifters of the World (2019), and am currently in development with a new documentary feature about the internet, memes, and the process of radicalization online. 

If you'd like to see some of my previous work in design, please visit Schaum/Shieh Architects